About Naked Light Bulb Designs:

My name is Ashley. I love crafting and art, and learning new things. I have more art supplies than I could ever need, but I’m always trying out new techniques and styles.

Lately, I’ve been on a Funko Pop figure customization kick. I really enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect pieces to frankenstein together and creating unique pieces to catch the essence of the subject, while staying true to the Pop style. My favorite customs are characters that Funko will probably never make. So mostly characters from obscure movies & tv shows.

Skinner by NLB Designs-06
With Mitch Pileggi and my custom Skinner Pop! in Chicago (09/2016)

If you have any questions about my process, I’d be glad to share! I do sell custom figures on Etsy, but I know not everyone can afford those. So if you are crafty and want to know how to make one yourself, just shoot me a message!


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